Environmental solution to duckweed and watermeal on ponds and lakes!

A new month-long project of Canadianpond.ca with the participation of the City of Bromont was launched on September 5.

ProSkimmer against watermeal

A common and frequent problem in ponds found in wastewater treatment plants and in urban or decorative ponds is the pervasive presence of duckweed indicating an environment rich in ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus.

The ProSkimmer is quick and easy to install. In just 90 minutes, our technician mounted the system on the ground and then installed it in the water. In just the first hour of operation, the unit has removed about 20 gallons of duckweed from the surface. In reducing this biomass, in itself rich in phosphorus, the water gets a much needed help in reducing quantities of dissolved nutrients as well.

We invite you to view our photo album which can be found here.

The collected duckweed can now easily be part of a composting and valorization program!

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About Mario Paris

Expert advice for managing aquatics, specialists in lake aeration, pond aeration, deicing, wastewater & leachate aeration, for municipalities, industries, lake associations and any pond owners, Canadianpond.ca provides our clients with efficient system design and strategies to improve and maintain water quality as ecologically feasible. We handle small and large scale aeration projects from design and installation to maintenance. We ship throughout Canada, the USA and around the world. Our solutions for small and medium sized earth ponds and private lakes are unequalled in the industry. We have the solution. Contact us at info@canadianpond.ca or 1 866 249-0976

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