Discover 5 New Applications for Bubble Tubing™

Undersea fine bubble wall

Jellyfish blocked from water intake pipes by Bubble tubing fine bubble curtain

In water, air bubbles reduce transmission of noise. A simple curtain of bubbles (a line of bubbles that rise to the surface from our weighted linear bubble tubing installed on the sea floor) in a marine application limits the propagation of sound waves and the effect of undersea blast shock that can harm marine life. Also known as Bubble Screen, Air Curtain, or Bubble Plume, the applications that require a bubble curtain are numerous:

In France, the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA, Brittany) has developed Masters and PhD level projects around these issues using our Bubble Tubing™; see article Bubbles to dampen sound (available in French only) . However, this application for Bubble Tubing™ is still rather unknown here in Canada. Understanding more about wave and sound attenuation using bubble curtains would certainly make an interesting study for Canadian university students in the fields of marine biology, oceanography or environmental sciences.
Made in Canada since 2003 by Products Ltd and primarily designed for aeration applications (see quotation below) and de-icing, bubble curtains made with Bubble Tubing™ have an enormous potential that warrants further research, toward the protection of the environment and marine life.

GSEE efficiency report on Bubble Tubing

GSEE efficiency report on Bubble Tubing

”Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE Inc. has observed.”
Gerald L.Shell GSEE Environmental Consultants, LaVergne,TN,Sept.2011

Bubble Tubing™ is available:

Bubble wall in ocean

Bubble wall

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Bubble curtains as soundproofing walls

RESIBAD, noise reduction in sea

RESIBAD : a bubble curtain to mitigate the effects of an underwater explosion

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