3 Bubble Tubing™ International Distributors

Bubble Tubing™ linear aeration tubing now has distributors globally.

Our distributors offer our excellent Canadian made bubble tubing diffuser for waste water aeration, bubble curtains, lake aeration, river and canal restoration, sound wave attenuation, mixing and deicing.

1. Randhawa Brosons Enterprises is our distributor based in India doing wetland, lake and river restoration.

Pushkar Lake in 2008

Pushkar Lake in 2008

Canadianpond.ca has developed a long standing relationship with Randhawa Brosons Enterprises who, since 2008 has been our sole distributor of Bubble Tubing in India. They have worked tirelessly to improve surface waters in India, specializing in restoring India’s lakes, rivers, canals and sacred sites. Eliminating the need for expensive dredging in many lakes by using aeration to quickly and efficiently degrade decades of accumulated organic sediments, is the way to go in a country facing polluted waters like India. Convincing officials that aeration saves money, saves time, improves water quality, increases basin depth without harming lake bed morphology, and helps purify water, should be easy as the public and the politicians want India’s waters to be the best they can possibly be. Here are some examples of how aeration with Bubble Tubing has helped Indian waters:

  • Improving water clarity for bathing and drinking in a Buddhist temple where every day, the monks feed bread to the catfish . Aeration plays an important role in pathogen reduction.

    Pushkar Lake - After (in Jan. 2009)

    Pushkar Lake – After (in Jan. 2009)

  • Water clarity, increased visibility in many rivers and lakes after aeration. Currently there are several large bodies of water where water clarity has climbed from 0 to over a metre within one year of installing aeration systems using our Bubble Tubing technology:

    “This lake gets sewage from time to time, and only gets 8 hours of electricity a day. Regardless of those problems, it has gone from opaque to 44 inches of visibility. And we have not heard of any of the temple bathers getting sick after their “holy bath” and this only a few months after install.”

  • Aeration has reduced algae, coliforms, odour and increased water quality, allowing indigenous species to thrive in previously polluted waters (Lucknow project).
  • Rejuvenating some larger iconic lakes of India.  Randhawa Brosons Enterprises have proposed Bubble Tubing for dozens of projects, all awaiting proper approvals.  Not being deterred by the difficulties involved in improving the environment in India, our partners keep pushing ahead.

To read more on Randhawa Brosons Enterprises:
NEW!!! Pushkar, India – Case Study: Canadianpond micro bubble tubing in a hyper eutrophic setting
Pushkar appreciation letter from the Congress Party – In Hindi
‘Dr Lake’ breathes life into Lucknow’s dead Yamuna Lake from Hindustan Times
Manasi Ganga to be cleaned by aeration from Vrindavan Today

2. Diversified Pond Supplies is our distributor for Bubble Tubing™ in the United States.

Diversified Pond Supplies use the bubble tubing for:

  • Canal aeration, lake aeration and waste water aeration
  • Deicing marinas, barges, docks…

Watch Diversified Pond Supplies videos:
Joe Lochtefeld from Diversified Pond Supplies talk about Bubble Tubing™
Bubble Tubing is helping USA residents clean up lake!

3. Coastworks serving Scotland and the UK uses the bubble tubing to create bubble curtains on the sea floor.

Bubble curtains such as those used by Coastworks are an excellent way to:

  • Prevent marine life from entering underwater blasting sites;
  • To block jellyfish from nuclear power plant intake pipes;
  • To attenuate wave and blast effects;
  • To protect marine wildlife from the hazards of marine construction.

Watch Coastworks video: Coastworks designed and installed a “bubble curtain” around the cooling water intakes at Hunterston Power Station. The bubbles prevent jellyfish from being sucked into the intakes and blocking the filters by “blowing” them gently to the surface.

Canadianpond.ca is our home base and where we designed Bubble Tubing™. We supply our distributors and clients in industry, government, commercial and private clients. Contact us or our distributors for information on Bubble Tubing™.

Bubble Tubing™ is available in:

GSEE oxygen transfer test results for Bubble Tubing

GSEE oxygen transfer test results for Bubble Tubing

  • Weighted and non-weighted formats
  • Special cut or rolls of 100’, 200’, 300’ or custom length spools
  • I.D. : ½”, ¾”, 1 ¼”

GSEE Bubble Tubing™ oxygen transfer tests report’s conclusion (request your copy at info@canadianpond.ca):

“Overall, the results obtained for the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.”

GSEE, Inc. Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept. 2011.

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