BUBBLE TUBING: Flexible Linear Diffuser Tubing

 BUBBLE TUBING: Flexible Linear Diffuser Tubing

Bubble Tubing is a Canadian-made micro bubble diffuser tubing that is flexible and resistant to kinking and memory.

Bubble Tubing has a row of perforations on each side, along its entire length. Available in weighted and non-weighted configurations.

Weighted Bubble Tubing consists of a flexible bubble line bonded to a dense PVC ballast for superior performance and anchoring.

Bubble Tubing is designed to resist deterioration from exposure to a wide range of chemicals, salinities, pH and temperatures.  Bubble Tubing is currently sold worldwide for deicing and aeration projects.

“Overall, the results obtained for the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.”

GSEE, Inc. Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept. 2011.


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