Celebrating 11th year with new website highlighting Bubble tubing

Canadianpond.ca celebrates its 11th year in business with the launch of its new website

Canadianpond new logo

Canadianpond.ca’s new logo

Canadianpond.ca, a small business located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec is celebrating its 11th year in business with the launch of its new website, www.canadianpond.ca. “Finding a good and reliable webmaster has been one of our challenges as a small business. Unless you know the intricacies of web design and back end programming, you can be fairly vulnerable to questionable webmasters. Thankfully we have an excellent team behind us now and are looking forward to a long relationship with our new web partners” reported Mario Paris, President and owner of Canadianpond.ca. The company has been making the shift to more industrial, commercial and municipal projects, with less focus on the water garden end of operations. This is now reflected in our website which has more of an industrial look that features Client’s projects for all the sectors (industrial, governmental, private) we serve.

New website highlights Bubble Tubing which is now available worlwide

Mario and Bubble Tubing

Mario and Bubble Tubing

The website is also highlighting our Bubble Tubing™ more than ever before, which is already paying off. We are currently in negotiations with distributors in Denmark for the Scandinavian market and also South Korea. Bubble Tubing™ now can be found on every continent (except Antarctica) on Earth! In India, the precision and highly efficient aeration diffuser known as Bubble Tubing™ is actually saving lives, as it is aerating some extremely polluted holy waters used for bathing. People are less ill after bathing in the polluted water, since the oxygen added to the water column from the bottom up, moves the polluted water toward the light, allowing UV rays to kill some pathogens, while creating a richer, aerobic environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. It is biology (oxygen + beneficial bacteria + sunlight) cleaning up our polluted waters. Bubble Tubing™ was designed by Canadianpond.ca owner Mario Paris, to fill a niche for a linear, high-oxygen transfer diffuser, that is cost effective, durable, easy to manage and Canadian made!

Bubble Tubing and certification report

Bubble Tubing and its certification report

Canadianpond.ca, partners with thousands of clients world-wide who are dedicated to improving surface water quality for industry and residential applications. When it comes down to it, our clients really care about the environment; they want ecological solutions that are efficient, and durable. We all need to take responsibility for the environmental messes we make or inherit: our company is here to help!

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About Canadianpond.ca

Expert advice for managing aquatics, specialists in lake aeration, pond aeration, deicing, wastewater & leachate aeration, for municipalities, industries, lake associations and any pond owners, Canadianpond.ca provides our clients with efficient system design and strategies to improve and maintain water quality as ecologically feasible. We handle small and large scale aeration projects from design and installation to maintenance. We ship throughout Canada, the USA and around the world. Our solutions for small and medium sized earth ponds and private lakes are unequalled in the industry. We have the solution. Contact us at info@canadianpond.ca or 1 866 249-0976

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