Welcome to CanadianPond.ca Products!

Visit our official website at www.canadianpond.ca !

Expert advice for managing aquatics, specialists in deicing, lake, pond, waste water & leachate aeration, and Air Bubble Curtains applications for municipalities, industries, lake associations and any pond owners, Canadianpond.ca provides our clients with efficient system design and strategies to improve and maintain water quality as ecologically feasible.PICS-Seal-100x100-copy

We handle small and large scale aeration projects from design and installation to maintenance. We ship throughout Canada, the USA and around the world. Our solutions for small and medium sized earth ponds and private lakes are unequalled in the industry.

Are you having problems with your pond? We have the solution! Contact us at 1-866-249-0976 (in Canada and USA only) or 450 243-0976, we are the experts!

Who are we?

Canadianpond.ca Products Ltd. and Produits Etang.ca Ltée are the same company that operates in both English and French. Our offices and storefront are located in the village of Knowlton (Lac-Brome), Quebec, Canada.

We offer aeration system design services, on-site and remote consultation, product sales, installation and service for private, industrial and municipal clients throughout Canada, the US and around the world. Many clients receive advice from us over the phone or through our online needs form. In some instances we can offer project supervision.

Some of our clients:


Industrial clients come to us for large scale aeration and de-icing projects. We are experts at retrofitting existing aeration systems with state of the art products that not only reduce operational costs, but improve parameter readings through more efficient oxygen transfer rates.

Municipalities work with us to improve public bathing waters, to update water treatment facilities or to partner up for special projects in the realm of aquatic habitat improvement and surface water management. We have many solutions for diversifying aquatic habitat in urban environments while enriching the public’s interaction with natural aquatic habitats.

Our residential clientele consult us regarding water quality issues like algae, poor water clarity, fish kills and invasive weed problems. Many chose to beautify their waterscapes with lighted fountains.

Lake associations meet with us to plan ways to improve soluble phosphorous loads and reduce other nutrients in their water that contribute to persistent weeds, algae problems and fish kill.

Campgrounds rely on us to help keep their beaches open throughout the summer.

Our clients appreciate our ability to problem solve as a team, and to find creative solutions for a wide array of water quality issues, that are often more cost effective then current systems. If we do not have what you are looking for on our website, we can try to find and order what you do need. We are well known for our excellent after-sale service.

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