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Impressive results for Indian lake restoration with’s Bubble Tubing

This is the case study of the restoration of the hyper-eutrophic Pushkar lake in India, via’s ¾” micro bubble tubing following the fish kill of September 2008.  This case study was provided by our client Randhawa Brosons Enterprises whose project it was.

Pushkar is a small town of about 14,000 people.  The total size of the Pushkar Lake is 4.5 hectares, and was about 2 meters in water depth until reaching the start of the 1 – 2 meters of benthic muck in 2008.

Pushkar Lake's fish kill of 2008

Pushkar Lake’s fish kill of 2008, before aeration

Pushkar Lake is one of the most sacred lakes of the Hindu Religion. Pushkar Lake finds mention on coins as early as the 4th century BC.

Being that Pushkar is one of the oldest currently inhabited cities in India, it is safe to reason that organic offerings have been made into the lake for thousands of years. Thus, the solution had to be engineered to deal with over a meter of organic benthic material that had accumulated over centuries, without stirring it.  If stirred it would have drastically reduced the already poor water quality.

To create a solution that would dramatically increase the Dissolved Oxygen while not churning the benthic material at the bottom of the lake, 600’ of CanadianPond’s ¾ inch micro bubble tubing was used as the main technology.

Pushkar Lake - After aeration (Jan. 2009)

Pushkar Lake – After aeration (Jan. 2009)

Post Aeration, we received no reports of the usual people falling ill after drinking the water or bathing in the lake. More so, the visibility of the water cleared up dramatically after a few months, to where one could see the sandy bottom; whereas, before aeration one could not see an inch into the water due to pollution and cyanobacteria. The local people, priest, pilgrims, and

tourist all enjoyed the newly aerated Pushkar Lake, as it did not smell of sewage, nor did it smell anaerobic digestion as clearly stated in the appreciation letters.

You will find in this amazing case study :

  • Full presentation of the project and history of Pushkar Lake
  • Parameters of the water quality before aeration
  • Description of solution and products
  • Before and after pictures
  • Test results reports
  • Appreciation letter from the government, the Municipality Customer and the Congress Party

To contact us at 1 866 249-0976 or 450 243-0976,

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Leeches: Are they really so menacing?

Do you know the advantages of having leeches in your pond?   You’ll see, they really aren’t so terrifying!  Of the 700 different species of leeches, in Canada only one leech specie will chase your baby toe in the water: Macrobdella Decors also called the medicinal leech of North America.  The other leech species that feed on blood will choose frogs, snails, turtles, and ducks over your tender flesh any day.

Since human blood is not always easy to find frogs are the second favourite food for our leech friend.  Better than baiting leeches with bottled contraptions of rotting meat, consider going at the source of the problem by reducing the leech population.  Reduce frogs, reduce leeches.


Leech feeding on a frog’s blood

Who eats frogs?  Small mouthed bass eat frogs and tadpoles and they are suited to our warmer pond water in the summer.  Introducing a few bass into your pond won’t eliminate all frogs, nor all leeches, it will simply help control a problem situation.  So what are you to do when a hungry leech attaches onto your leg? Don’t panic! If you are patient, you can let the leech take breakfast then it will detach itself as quietly as can be, and go and hide at the bottom of the pond for weeks or months.  Remember, you won’t feel any pain from the leech, only a heat sensation at the dinner site. The pain comes when you try to rip off the leech from your skin. If you cannot wait for the Macrobdella Decors to finish eating, carefully dislodge it with the odour of a burning cigarette or sprinkle salt on it.

Leeches are not detested by everyone. Their analgesic, anesthetic, and anticoagulant virtues have made many micro-surgeons happy.   So just remember, there is only one kind of leech in all of Canada that wants your blood, if it finds you it won’t hurt, in fact it is inviting you to become a part of its food chain. Just stock your pond with small mouthed bass, and eventually you’ll get your blood back!

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Something is brewing in this park!


Parc Victoria fountain, Granby

Couldn’t help noticing the accumulation of foam (again!) in the fountain located in Victoria Park in Granby, Quebec, last week.There is a quick and easy solution.  Just pour some Bacterius DFM.  It’sa concentrated liquid defoamer that will remove from the surface of water unsightly protein foam…     …or regular dish-soap foam following a prank…

Looks like it would be worth a try!

BUBBLE TUBING: Flexible Linear Diffuser Tubing

 BUBBLE TUBING: Flexible Linear Diffuser Tubing

Bubble Tubing is a Canadian-made micro bubble diffuser tubing that is flexible and resistant to kinking and memory.

Bubble Tubing has a row of perforations on each side, along its entire length. Available in weighted and non-weighted configurations.

Weighted Bubble Tubing consists of a flexible bubble line bonded to a dense PVC ballast for superior performance and anchoring.

Bubble Tubing is designed to resist deterioration from exposure to a wide range of chemicals, salinities, pH and temperatures.  Bubble Tubing is currently sold worldwide for deicing and aeration projects.

“Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.”

GSEE, Inc. Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept. 2011.

OctoAir-10 Industrial Grade Diffuser

OctoAir10 Industrial Grade Diffuser

OctoAir-10 is a high performance Canadian-made industrial grade diffuser designed for industries or municipalities.

The OctoAir-10 design includes a rugged stainless steel frame, adjustable legs and 100’ (30.5m) of our exclusive non-weighted Bubble Tubing which is a flexible PVC diffuser tubing with dual rows of perforations spaced apart on each side along the entire tubing length .

Integral in the design of the OctoAir is a unique clasping system designed exclusively for our Bubble Tubing.

All our diffusers and tubing are designed to resist deterioration when exposed to a wide range of chemicals, salinity, pH and temperature.

OctoAir requires only adjustment of leg height before installation.

“Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.”

GSEE, Inc. Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept. 2011.